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Since 2015, Wild Lotus Dispensary has a mission to provide you with progressive services you can utilize and integrate into a lifetime that is healthy, exciting, comfortable & worry-free.

We look forward to journey with you toward long lasting self-empowerment.

- Learn the basics of empowerment using individually centered self-care.

- Traditional reliability & practical modern techniques.

- Experienced and confidential consultations.

Our Services Include:

Human Energy Systems, Master Herbalist, Therapeutic Counseling, Spiritual Elements.


Rainbow  Shaman 

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 Master Herbalist, Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Human Energy Worker

  • Certified Counselor - 2005 - Personal Development, Relationships, Seniors Issues, Resources & Referrals.

  • Chartered Herbalist - 2012 - Dominion Herbal College: Herbalism Fundamentals, Western Herbal Preparations,

  • Master Herbalist - 2014 - Thesis: Simple Herbal Healing - Restoring Personal Healthcare

  • Reiki Practitioner - 2015 - Crystal Heart Reiki - Usui Style

  • Addictions Counselor 2017 - Surrey BC
  • Human Energy Systems & Spiritual Elements 2018 - Lower Mainland, GVRD